well, i lost a long-time villager today due to a TTing mishap.
goodbye, beau. ;_;

Anonymous said: how do i put a link on one of your pixels if i put it on my blog so i can credit you?

depends where you’re putting it, you could make the image a link
<a href=http://crossingeden.tumblr.com><img src=IMAGE URL HERE></a>

or, you could just put <a href=http://crossingeden.tumblr.com>pixel credit</a>
underneath it or somewhere else. on the layout/in buttons.

or you could simply type “made by crossingeden@tumblr” or someshit, it really depends on how you’re using it

i think that answers the question??
thanks for crediting in the first place!.. most people i’ve seen havn’t hahah

also you could link to the specific post instead of crossingeden.tumblr.com

little dumb doodle for my girlfriend.
our fursonas as AC villagers.
i think she’d be uchi, and i’d be cranky, or smug.

Anonymous said: One of my favorite ac memories was when it was really late and I had a pretty horrible day and cried all day and felt like garbage, I got on ac later that night after I stopped crying for a bit and I got a letter from my favorite villager, it said something like "How have you been feeling lately? If you're worrying about something silly you should say something! I don't want you feeling down in the slumps over stuff like that." And it made me really happy even though my day was horrible.

AC is great sometimes for this. I can relate!

I always tell pietro, whenever he asks, that things aren’t going so well. and he seems sympathetic. i like that this game has little instances like this for a lot of people. even though it’s bittersweet.


A very late photoset of my Christmas feast room. I had little parties with two friends.

i had the best christmas outfit, i mean i GUESS mayorcora looks ok too but c’mon. did you see my shades

i made a christmas room to promote festivity in my town which there is a severe lack of due to a clearly confused timetravel date.

but alas.. happy christmas to everyone! from everyone in reden and coyiplan

as far as “new” christmas movies go, arthur christmas is probably my favourite. so i did a thing. kinda not as nice as i’d hoped it would be but oh well, i tried!

some screenshots from my animal crossing wedding

clearly it ended in tragedy as we accidentally set each other on fire.
mayorcora was quoted as saying “that was terrifying”

(side note, the bride, and my other guest have no active tumblr. what dweebs, huh?)

Anonymous said: how do you get miiverse im so confused

your 3ds should be telling you that you have a system update or w/e, or your mii maker will have a blue dot on it, EITHER way you’re gonna have to update your 3ds and then in the top right an icon will appear for miiverse and then you go through all it’s junk and sign up. idk. google could probably help you better than i could